Harvest 2020

Biggest news of 2020 harvest is that we are moving our production to Walla Walla. We now have to move our grapes six miles instead of six hours across the state.

We made several trips to the vineyards to monitor the grapes ripening progress. We were getting close to pick when a big massive cloud of smoke rolled into the state of Washington. The smoke had originated from the Oregon, California and Yakima fires. After reviewing significant research and testing for smoke taint, the consensus was the grape were free of smoke taint. The further you are away form the fire the less likely it will affect the grapes. The fine particles of smoke that can penetrate the pores of the grape skin settle out quite quickly.

On full moon October 1st, we harvested two Syrah’s and Malbec. They we processed and put into fermentation bins.

On October 15th we will harvest three tons of Cabernet Sauvignon.